• 10 Watt Solar Battery Charger Package

10W Solar Power System for Charging 12V Batteries

This package comprises a 10 watt lightweight, waterproof, semi flexible solar panel with a 4.5 amp Morningstar solar regulator (charge controller).
The solar panel has a pre-fitted 2 meter cable with a twin bullet connector. A 5 meter solar panel extension cable is included so that the solar panel can be placed up to 7 meters away and a 1 meter battery cable is included for connecting the regulator to the battery. The solar regulator is fitted with a twin bullet connectors for the solar panel and the battery leads. The type of battery lead connectors used for attaching to the battery terminals will depend on the type of battery. There are various types of battery terminals (EG: threaded post, Faston tabs, etc..) so please advise us of you type of battery terminals when ordering ( or take a photo and email it to us) or we can fit alligator clips if you prefer.

How it works

  1. The solar panel is fixed to a tin roof using screws, rivets or bolts at the four corner mounting holes. Place 4 spacers of about 20mm thickness ( use metal washers or blocks of wood) under the corners to enable a good airflow under the solar panel to aid cooling.
  2. Fix the solar regulator in a convenient location not more than 1meter from the battery. The solar regulator ensures the battery is properly charged.
  3. Do not connect the solar panel lead to the regulator yet, first connect the solar regulator output leads to the battery terminals
  4. The solar regulator can now be connected to the solar panel. Always connect the solar regulator to the battery before connecting the solar panel to the regulator and disconnect the solar panel from the solar regulator before disconnecting the battery.

Main Componente of the solar battery trickle charger

10 watt solar panel for charging 12 volt batteries, includes a 2m attached cable with plug
4.5 amp Morningstar solar regulator is connected to the solar panel and the battery.

Wiring cables:

  • 5 meters of  fitted cable for solar panel to regulator
  • 1meter of 1.84 mm² twin core fitted cable for battery to regulator

Cables used are 1.84 mm² twin core and can be extended if required.



Main Componente of the solar battery trickle charger
Uses a Sinotech Semi Flexible Solar Panel ( 10 watt ) with 2 meters of cable attached The solar panel can be screwed or riveted directly on to the roof, but solar panels produce more amps when cooler, so it's better to put spacers placed under the corners to raise it about 20mm off the surface of the roof to allow air to flow underneath, to assist with air cooling.
The Morningstar Sunguard solar regulator   is weatherproof and suitable for solar panels up to about 65 watts
The 5 meter extension cable is made up with 1.84 mm² Twin Core cable
The connectors on the solar panel extension cable and solar regulator are twin bullet connectors

Modifying the solar charger to suit your needs
The setup can be modified to any requirements using other solar panels. Different solar regulators can be used. The leads can be made up using longer and/or thicker cables and different connectors for various applications, such as making up a connector that is permanently attached to the battery terminals with twin bullet connectors on the free end to enable charging without the hassle of attaching it every time, or if you prefer, or we can make up a cable be fitted with small alligator clips instead of connectors

We reserve the right to change parts and specifications providing it does not alter the function of the product.

10 Watt Solar Battery Charger Package

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