• 160W 12V Solar Panel Solawatt

The solawatt 160 watt solar module is the largest 12 volt panel.
Solawatt 12V solar panels are used for stand-alone power systems such as remote and outdoor lighting, caravan and boat auxilliary power systems, battery powered elsctric gate and fence energisers and remote irrigation pumps.

Features of the Solawatt 160 watt 12 volt solar module
• High efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells.
• Low iron, high transmission glass is used for strength and high- power output
• Weather-resistant IP65 junction box
• Framed with a strong, robust and corrosion-resistant aluminium frame with multiple mounting holes for ease of installation
• Module size L x W x D 1475mm; x 670mm; x 35mm
• Nominal Peak Power 160 Watts
• Maximum Power Voltage Vmp (V) 17.8
• Maximum Power Current Imp (A) 8.99
• Open circuit voltage Voc (V) 22.3
• Short circuit current Isc (A) 9.71
• Weight 12kg
• 2 bypass diodes
• Connection: Waterproof junction box; 2 x 0.9m long 4mm2 cables; with male & female connector
• Accessories: Pair of connectors only; SW cables 1M, 4M, 12M fitted with male & female connector
• Warranty: Workmanship and materials: 5 years. Power output: at least 90% after 10 years and more than 80% after 25 years.

160W 12V Solar Panel Solawatt

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