Solar Lighting Requirements

When choosing solar lighting consider your requirements:

  • What type of lighting do you need?
  • Is it general overhead lighting, area spotlights, outdoor floodlights, etc..
  • How many lights are needed?
  • How many light switches and/or motion sensors and/or timers?
  • How many hours per day will the lights be needed?
    This is always a difficult question to answer, try to make an educated guess.. EG: living area and kitchen lights - about 6 hours, bathroom light - 2 hours, etc..
  • Where in Australia are the solar lighting systems to be located?
    your location dictates how much the solar power is needed, you need a larger solar panel in southern Australia than in northern Australia to generate an equivalent amount of electricity throughout the year.
    More information on mounting solar panels

  • How many days autonomy per week?
    More autonomy requires larger solar panels and batteries. We generally design our systems with enough reserve battery power for 3 days without solar power to allow for cloudy days. It can be extended to more days or decreased to less days depending on how important the lights are, so if they are required every day then allow for more autonomy, if they are not needed every day then less is OK. The location also matters, for instance central Australia has less cloudy days so needs less battery reserve than coastal regions.

Solarbarn solar light kits are made up of components that will provide efficient and cost effective solar lighting for a shed, garage, gazebo or anywhere you need lighting and once installed they will continue to function without ongoing maintenance. They have 12V solar panels with solar regulator / lighting timer and bright 12V LED lights plus low voltage cable and fittings required for a typical installation with an optional 12 volt battery. The illustration shows typical 10 Watt solar power lighting package.

A typical Package includes the following

  • Crystalline solar panel
  • Roof mounting brackets
  • Bright LED light
  • Solar Regulator
  • Electrical cable and connectors
  • Assembly instructions