• 20 Watt Solar Panel Package

Solar Power for a Shed or small Workshop

This is a great starter package for leaning about the many uses for solar power. Use it to trickle charge the lawnmower battery or power a 12V LED spotlight for the barbie, or connect up a 12V socket to charge your power tools or add a small 150 watt inverter to provide 240 VAC power

Package includes the following components

  • 20 watt solar panel for charging 12 volt  batteries
  • 12V solar regulator for optimising battery charging
  • 5 meters of 1.84 mm² twin core double insulated electrical cable for connecting the solar panel to the regulator and a 12V battery (not included).
  • Stainless steel brackets for mounting the solar panel on a metal or fabricated roof with screws or bolts or by bonding with a suitable exterior adhesive.

We reserve the right to change parts and specifications providing it does not alter the function of the product.

20 Watt Solar Panel Package

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