• Morningstar Sunkeeper Solar Regulator 6 amp

This solar regulator is mounted directly to the solar panel's junction box. This eliminates the need for an additional housing for the controller. The kit also includes a removable mounting plate to mount it away from the solar panel.

It is epoxy sealed for outdoor use and certified for use in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations, making it an ideal controller for solar powered oil/gas applications.

Available in a 6 amp or 12 amp versions;

  • 6A for solar panels up to 85 watts
  • 12A for solar panels up to 170 watts


  • High Reliability - Rated to 70°C to operate in high temperatures at the solar module. More reliable than controllers mounted inside the junction box. Uses very low on-resistance power MOSFET’s. No need to re-rate
  • Outdoor Rated - ETL approved for outdoor use without an additional enclosure. Rugged IP65, UV resistant case. Epoxy encapsulated printed circuit board and watertight connection to the module junction box.
  • Extensive Electronic Protections - Fully protected against reverse polarity, short circuit, overcurrent, lightning and transient surges, high temperature and reverse current at night.
  • Longer Battery Life - Series PWM with 3 stage charging: bulk, PWM regulation and float. Includes temperature compensation at the controller or alternatively at the battery when using optional remote temperature sensor. Able to charge a zero voltage battery.
  • Rated for Hazardous Locations - Specifically designed for solar power systems in the oil/gas industry. Approved for use in Class 1, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D.
  • Easy to Install and monitor - Fits standard half inch conduit knockout (PG 13.5, M20) in module junction box. It can also be mounted seperately using the included mounting plate which is removed when attaching to a junction box, both methods fasten with included locknut.
  •  Wires have fork connectors for easy connection to solar module terminals. Bi-color LED is easy to read from the ground when the solar module is pole-mounted. Indicates solar charging, regulation, normal nighttime operation and any controller or system faults.

Mechanical Specifications
• Dimensions 99 x 51 x 13 mm
• Weight 0.11 kg
• Enclosure IP65
• Fitting to Module J-box PG 13.5, M20, 1/2 inch conduit • Wire Size 2.0 mm2 (#14 AWG)
• Wire Terminations #8 fork connectors

Electrical Specifications
• Ability to Charge a Zero Voltage
• Rated Solar Input: SK-6 6 amps SK-12 12 amps
• Nominal System Voltage 12 Volts • Min. Battery Voltage 0 Volts
• Max. Solar Voltage 30 Volts • Self-Consumption Charging...7 mA Night ........2 mA
• Voltage Accuracy ± 150 mV Battery Charging
• Regulation Voltage 14.1 Volts (at 25˚C)
• Float Voltage 13.7 Volts (at 25˚C)
• Type of Charging Series PWM 3 stage: bulk, PWM and float
• Temperature Compensation (3 choices)

  1. Reading temp at controller –30 mV / ˚C
  2. Attaching remote temp sensor –30 mV / ˚C
  3. Disable temp comp Defaults to 25˚C

Battery Electronic Protections
• Reverse Polarity • Short Circuit
• Overcurrent • Lightning and Transient Surges
• High Temperature
• Reverse Current at Night

Morningstar SunKeeper Manual (PDF File)

Morningstar Sunkeeper Solar Regulator 6 amp

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