• Sealite Marine Solar Regulator 10 amp

10amp Solar regulator for marine, camping and caravan and other outdoor installations

It can be connected to one or two solar panels with a combined current of  up to 10 amps. It will charge a wide variety of lead Acid, SLA and Gel batteries from solar power. The fully sealed regulator works in two stages and switches on the negative side.

Connect the battery leads to the B terminals.
Connect the solar panel leads to the S terminals.
Observe correct polarity, negative to negative, positive to positive.

When the battery is connected the regulator will switch on to allow the solar panels to fully charge the battery to 14.2V then switch off. When the battery voltage drops below 13.4 V the regulator will switch to trickle charge, switching off at 13.8V. When the battery voltage drops below 12.4V the regulator will allow full charge to 14.2V again.


    Full charge cut in  12.4V
    Full charge cut out  14.2V
    Trickle charge cut in  13.4V
    Trickle charge cut out  13.8V
    Max supply charge  10A
    Supply current  3mA
    Max cable diameter  4mm
    Dimensions 7cm x 6cm x 3cm (including connector terminal)

Sealite Marine Solar Regulator 10 amp

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