• EPsolar Solar Regulator plus Lighting controller 10 amp

Solar regulator for solar lighting circuits. It will control optimum charging of 12V or 24 volt battery systems up to 10 amps and  will also control setting of lighting periods. The solar panel acts as a light sensor for the solar regulator which will switch the lighting circuit depending on you choice of settings.
Although designed for lighting it can also be used for isolated irrigation pumps or even security systems, in fact  wherever you want to have power during the night and off during the day. The timer can also be disabled to allow use as a normal charge controller.

Timer Setting The regulator has an intelligent timer that remembers previous lengths of night as the seasons change.
Dual timers can be set to remain on for any two periods during the night using a simple number code system. EG: set timer one to 2 to come on for two hours after dark, then if required set timer two to 1 to come on for one hour before sunrise.

Any one timer can be be disabled allow only timer to function or both timers can be disabled to have constant power on, with the controller operating as a normal solar regulator controlling the battery charge. Includes a detailed instruction booklet.


  •     12/24V automatic recognition
  •     High efficiency Series PWM charging to increase the battery lifetime
  •     Use MOSFET as electronic switch, without any mechanical switch
  •     Automatically senses day/night
  •     Digital LED menu, Easy one key setting adjustment
  •     Intelligent timer function with 1-15 hours option
  •     Unique dual timer function of light settings
  •     Suitable for Gel, SLA and Flooded batteries
  •     Temperature compensation for charging and discharging to improve battery lifetime
  •     Electronic protection: Overheating, over charging, over discharging, overload, and short circuit.
  •     Reverse current protection of solar module and battery

Technical specifications

  •     Nominal System Voltage: 12 / 24VDC Auto detection
  •     Maximum rated Current: 10 Amps
  •     Weight 0.45Kg
  •     Mounting Holes 150 x 70mm
  •     Size 160 x 97 x 47 m

EPsolar User Manual

EPsolar Solar Regulator plus Lighting controller 10 amp

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