How to Set Up Solar Lights

Bright solar powered lights have many uses from security lighting to solar shed lights. The most basic solar light unit is composed of a solar panel that charges up a battery. The battery is then used to provide power for one or more lights. The lights may be activated by a motion sensor or a timer or an on/ off switch. The table below illustrates the basic structure of a solar lighting system

Battery Solar Panel Solar Regulator LED Light
Stores the energy from the solar panel in the form of DC electricity for powering lights that can be run off DC battery power Provides energy from sunlight by converting photons into electricity, needs bright sunny days to provide enough electricity to run bright solar lights Controls power going into the battery from the solar panel and power going to the LED light, Some types have a timer to set the length of time the light stays on LED lights are the most efficient way to provide light, providing the more light than other types of light