Solar powered lighting

Solar powered lights and solar light kits for indoor and outdoor solar lighting

Indoor solar lights can replace conventional skylights, plus they will provide lighting at night, not just during the day
Outdoor solar lights can be used to illuminate backyard BBQ areas or pathways where conventional lighting is not practical
Solar shed lights are useful for remote area lighting

Solar powered fans

Solar exhaust fans provide continual air circulation

We provide solar fan kits to provide cooling during the day.
A solar panel is directly connected to a fan mounted on an exhaust vent.
The solar panel is placed on the roof where it can be angled to maximise performance while the fan unit is situated in a side wall.
This arrangement performs better and is more practical than a vent in the roof where it is prone to leaking during rainy weather.
The basic kit has a solar panel directly connected to a fan to power it during the day. If the fan is required to run after dark then we can add a battery to store solar power so the fan can run at any time.