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Solar Light Kits

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Solar lighting for sheds

SOLARBARN Solar lighting systems are easy to install in sheds of any size. We can design an easy to assemble kit for any configuration.
The solar panel can be easily fixed to the roof using brackets.
The sealed battery and a solar regulator can be housed in a small enclosure or located on a shelf above head level to maximise interior space.
The system shown at right is suitable for a medium sized shed, about 3 meters by 6 meters, and has 3 dome lights with a total light output of 480 lumen and power consumption of 12 watts. The solar panel and battery size depends on the total daily light usage, for example if the lights are used 4 hours per day then they would use about 5 amp-hours Ah of battery. This would require a 20 watt solar panel and a 10Ah battery.

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Solar lighting for shipping containers
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