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Solar powered lighting

SolarBarn provide solar powered lights and solar light kits for indoor and outdoor solar lighting

Indoor solar lights can replace conventional skylights, plus they will provide lighting at night, not just during the day
Outdoor solar lights can be used to illuminate backyard BBQ areas or pathways where conventional lighting is not practical
Solar shed lights are useful for remote area lighting

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A solar light kit for a small shedA typical solar light kit Solar Light Kits
Solar lighting systems of all sizes made to your requirements with the best quality components
    Solar Lighting for a Bike Shelter

We designed and installed solar lighting for a bike shed three years ago. A recent site inspection has reported it's still functioning perfectly and the batteries are being fully recharged by the solar panels.
It is located in Paddy Troy Mall behind the Fremantle markets. It's a converted sea container and is provided for free public use. The conversion was done by Freo Mens Shed, funded by the local community. Solarbarn installed the solar lighting free of charge.

The solar lighting system has two 10 watt solar panels on the roof which charges a 12V battery. Two bright 4 watt dome lights are activated by a motion sensor whenever someone steps inside the shed, the lights switch off after the person leaves the shed and no further motion is detected.  We mounted the solar panels on the roof then ran the cables to a weatherproof enclosure housing the batteries and solar regulator, which controls the solar panel volts to ensure the batteries are not overcharged. The motion sensor was attached to the front of the enclosure connected between the batteries and the lights. We then ran the electrical cable to two lights installed inside the shelter.
Motion activated solar lighting is the best way to provide immediate illumination when somebody enters the area. Our solar light kits can also have wall mounted on-off switches or timers, depending on your requirements.

Solar lighting at Fremantle bike shelter
The solar lighting system has enough battery power for up 6 hours lighting without needing more solar power, the estimated daily use is 2 hours per day so this means it can provide lighting for three days without needing to recharge the battery.
Many of our solar lighting kits are installed in remote area sheds and sea containers converted into storage units in areas where grid fed power is not available or not convenient to use.
A basic solar lighting system only needs a solar panel and solar charge controller to keep the battery charged up, the battery then is used to provide 12V power for the lights. The size solar panel and battery used will determine how long the lights can be used each day.


Solar Powered Lighting