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Solar lighting for sheds

SOLARBARN Solar lighting systems are easy to install in sheds of any size. We can design an easy to assemble kit for any configuration.
The solar panel can be easily fixed to the roof using brackets.
The sealed battery and a solar regulator can be housed in a small enclosure or located on a shelf above head level to maximise interior space.
The system shown at right is suitable for a medium sized shed, about 3 meters by 6 meters, and has 3 dome lights with a total light output of 480 lumen and power consumption of 12 watts. The solar panel and battery size depends on the total daily light usage, for example if the lights are used 4 hours per day then they would use about 5 amp-hours Ah of battery. This would require a 20 watt solar panel and a 10Ah battery.

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Solar lighting for shipping containers
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Solar lighting components

When seleting components for a solar solar lighting system follow these steps:

  1. Estimate how much light you need, choose an appropriate LED light, calculate the power used by the light unit in one day (night)
  2. Choose a battery with enough capacity to provide at least three times the daily power consumption and then still have a reserve of about 50% charge.
  3. Select a solar panel that will recharge the battery in less than 4 hours of full sun.
  4. Use a suitable solar regulator that is able to process the maximum amperage of the solar panel
  5. Use adequate electrical cable to minimize voltage drop losses and choose wiring connectors, switches and fuses that comply with safety regulations.

    A typical solar lighting system is shown below. A solar panel provides power to keep the battery charged. The charge controller, also known as a solar regulator, keeps the battery properly charged and it also controls the power used (the load) by cutting off power if the battery charge runs too low. Some include lighting control that only allows the light to come on at night.
    solar panelssolar regulatorsled lightsDeep cycle battery

    A solar panel is installed on a roof - pole or ground mounted is also available.

    It is is wired to a 12 volt battery via a controller which regulates the solar charge going to the battery and may include a timer to activate the lights if required.

    The controller is therefore the heart of the system, the central component controlling battery charge and lighting power.

    >Once the solar lighting system is installed it does not require any ongoing maintenance, the solar panel will keep producing electricity during the day and the controller will regulate the charging of the battery to keep it fully charged while switching the lights on at night and off at dawn.

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Solar Powered Lighting