PIR motion detector for controlling 12V Solar lights

This 12v PIR motion sensor will switch on any 12V device when motion is detected. It is used for 12V lighting,  LED lights and solar lights. It will detect  movement within 6 meters and switch on.  If no further movement is detected it will switch off after a set time.  Any further movement will continually reset the on-time
It also has a day/night  sensor so it only operates at night.
The sensor can control outputs up to 6amps enabling several LED lights to be controlled by one sensor.
Includes a wall mounting  bracket .

Easy to wire into a 12V lighting circuit

  1. Positive in connection from 12V battery
  2. Positive out connection to 12V light
  3. Common negative connections from battery and light.


  • Rated for 12V loads up to 6 amps
  • View Angle: 140 degrees
  • Adjustable delay time (on period) from 30 seconds to 5 Minutes
  • Adjustable  sensor light sensitivity from 5 lux to 500 lux
  • Connections: 1 positive in ; 1 positive out ; 1 common earth ( see diagram)
  • Controls outputs up to 6amps
  • Sensor range up to 8 meters
  • 1 Year Warranty

12V Motion Sensor switch

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