This solar light kit is similar to the single solar light but with two lights and a larger solar panel and battery. It can also be installed in a shed or used to provide outdoor lighting.

The two lights can be used continuously for 7.5 hours on a fully charged battery. In everyday use it will provide lighting for 2.5 hours and still have reserve power for another 2 days, which may be required on overcast days when the sun does not provide enough solar power.

East to assemble using the Quick connect cables

Cables are cut to length and fitted with quick connectors for easy assembly.

  • 5 meter cable connecting the solar panel to the solar regulator
  • 4 meter cable connecting the battery to the lights with light switch inserted 1m from the battery
  • Short cable connecting the solar regulator to the battery

Installation instructions with diagrams are included, and the cables are labelled to ensure quick and easy assembly.

It can be can be installed in one hour by anyone with basic handyman skills in 6 easy steps:

  1. install the solar panel using the mounting brackets
  2. Install the dome lights where needed
  3. Install the battery and solar regulator
  4. Connect the battery to the solar regulator
  5. Connect the solar panel to the solar regulator
  6. Connect the battery to the lights

How it all works
The solar panel is installed on the roof using the mounting brackets. The battery and solar regulator are placed indoors (or outdoors if you include the weatherproof enclosure). The battery is a sealed type and can be placed in any position. The battery is connected to the solar regulator which is then connected to the solar panel.
The lights are also connected to the battery.
The solar lighting system is now ready for use.

Package contents (Click on the links to see details)

Available Option: Battery enclosure

Battery and solar regulator are housed in this sealed enclosure with a hinged lid,
If you also choose Battery enclosure then we fit cable glands to the top side of the enclosure for the light and solar panel cables - or let us know if you want some other option, all kits are made up on site and we try to provide exactly what you require.

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Double solar lights

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