• DIY Solar Light kit

DIY Solar light Kit

This Do-it-yourself solar light kit has all the parts required to build your own solar light.

It has all the parts:- Solar panel with attached 5 metre cable, 4 solar panel holding down brackets, 12 volt battery, solar regulator to regulate the battery charging, Led light with switch and wiring cable.
Installation instructions are included.
The light can be used for 10 hours on a fully charged battery.

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Options and upgrades available

Available Option: Quick connect cables 

Quick connect cables have the following lengths:

  • 5 metres from the solar panel to the solar regulator.
  • 5 metres from the battery to the light.
  • If you If you want shorter cables or selected longer cables then use the options comments text area to nominate lengths of the following cables :
      1. Solar panel to battery
      2. Battery to the light and distance between the lights if you need extra lights
      3. Battery to the motion sensor, if needed
      Or tell us where and how you intend to use the lights and let us suggest the best setup for you
      Diagrams and instructions for installation included.

      Available Option: Battery enclosure

      Battery and solar regulator can be housed outdoors in this sealed enclosure.

      Available Option: Motion sensor

      This 12v PIR motion sensor will switch on the light when motion is detected. If no further movement is detected it will switch off after a set time but further movement will continually reset the on-time.
      It has adjustable sensitivity to ambient light, distance of motion and on time. The sensor can control outputs up to 8 amps enabling several LED lights to be controlled by one sensor.

      Available Option: Programmable timer

      This timer switch will switch power on and off at programmed daily or weekly times. it allows up to 8 on/off periods with15 combinations of programs.

      If you want a ready made-up kit with Quick connect cables then see our single light kit or double lights kit. We will provide a solar lighting system to suit your needs

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      DIY Solar Light kit

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